Private Class


  • 1 hr Private Yoga session
  • 15min Consultation
  • Tea and coffee 
  • Exclusive practice designed just for you
  • Can be at your home or our home studio

Group Class


  • Group classes up to 15 people
  • Bookings are essential in advance (please see the shcedule)
  • Ideal for beginners and intermediate practitioners
  • Indoors and outdoors classes

Yoga+Massage (private) Winter Special

$145 (normally $185)

  • 1 hr Private yoga class
  • 1 hr Relaxation Massage Therapy
  • Private consulation prior (15min)
  • Tea and coffee
  • Get exclusive tailored practice and work one on one with the teacher
  • Receive a unique tutoring and follow up programme developed for you
  • Massage treatment to soothe and relax the nervous system ad release toxins



Meditation is something we all need more of to center and unwind from our busy lives. It has been proved that meditating regularly improves your mental health, boosts immune system and creates peace and stillness in the monkey mind. 

Learning to meditate can be challenging, especially in the first couple of weeks while the mind is adjusting to a new quality of being still for longer periods of time…

I have started meditating very young, my dear Indian master Osho is a well-known guru who has opened a world of stillness within inside my mind and my heart which to this day provides me with grace to walk my path…

If you feel the call to learn how to meditate or simple want to have a chat about what it is and how it can help you, please fill in the contact form below. Namaste